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“Art continually complements my work as a plastic surgeon, improving my ability to see and refine the subtleties of the male and female form to create harmonious, balanced and natural-looking aesthetic results.”

—Dr. Peter Schmid


About Dr. Peter Schmid

Dr. Peter Schmid

As a professional sculptor and aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Schmid realized early in his career the need to procure a progressive understanding of artistic subtleties in human aesthetic anatomy to continually provide his patients with optimal, yet natural-looking, results. As his practice has evolved throughout the years and he has continued to study art, drawing, and sculpting, and thus developed a sophisticated understanding of aesthetics, function, and form that has propelled him to the top of the medical aesthetics field.

Recognizing that medical school requirements do not include a study of aesthetics, and thus surgeons are typically untrained in the nuances of physical harmony and beauty, Dr. Schmid conceived and created Sculpting for Surgeons™. He has held annual figurative body and head/neck workshops in Alameda Island, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Chicago, IL (American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery); Boulder and Longmont, CO; Vienna, Austria; and London, UK (World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) with many more planned for the future.

Schmid, Peter M., DO, FAOCOOHNS, FAACS. "Sculptural Aesthetic Surface Anatomy of the Face." Advances in Cosmetic Surgery. 2019. 11-21.

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About Sculpting for Surgeons Workshops


Designed for physicians, surgeons and allied medical professionals in the fields of beauty, cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, Sculpting for Surgeons™ offers one-of-a-kind intensive workshops geared to strengthen your observational skills and understanding of how your aesthetic eye is directly correlated to optimized results in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Each workshop addresses specific areas of the body and/or head, neck, and torso, focusing on aesthetic anatomy, line, proportion, shape, definition and volumetric proportions as they relate to surgical planning and technique. This knowledge is then taken to the cadaver lab in which you will learn to integrate current surgical technology with a more astute and attuned aesthetic eye.

Upon completion, you will have a heightened understanding of aesthetic harmony, balance and how form meets function to create to the most natural-looking aesthetic results.

Workshop Options

We have the extensive 3-6 day workshops hosted in Colorado. These workshops are broken down into (1) The Head and Neck + Cadaver Lab (3 days), (2) The Figurative Body + Cadaver Lab (4 days), or (3) The Head, Neck and Figurative Body + Cadaver Lab (6 days). All have professional live male and female models that surgeons work from.

Workshops held at academies do not offer the extent or intensive nature of the ones we host in Boulder. There may or may not be a live model, depending on the academy, and there has never been a cadaver lab.


upcoming events

upcoming events

London, TBA
Sculpting the Human Form (Workshop)
September 9th, 2020 (Wednesday)
(8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

This workshop is an introductory personal hands-on experience in drawing and sculpting in clay, emphasizing the basics of human form by three-dimensional study.
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Starting from €800.00

upcoming events

Event Payment Policy

Sculpting for Surgeons Refund & Cancellation Policy

You may pay in full upon registration, or pay 50% at the time of registration and 50% one month later if your registering at least 6 weeks prior to the event. A $500 forfeiture will be charged for cancellations less than 2 weeks in advance of course date. Thank you.


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